Often used to describe a senario ...Means Game over /or Finished. Not happening and words to that effect.
Almost 24 hours in my bed. I am g.o.

This football match is g.o look at the state of the pitch.
by thenamesarnold January 11, 2011
to move
go go go
by Mac54 May 08, 2009
In hardcore punk:

1 - The basis of all hardcore.

2 - Chorus, fast part, sing-a-long or breakdown.
is a word that defies definition
it needs no clarification
is the foundation of hardcore
but for me it means so much more
it can signify a chorus or a fast part, too
a sing along with my friends or a heavy breakdown
let's fucking Go!!!
so c'mon man, don't be ashamed
screaming "Go!" is not a game
and for all the bands who don't say it
you are so fucking lame
1-2-3 Go!
next time you are at a show
and the crucial moment arrives
point your finger and shout Go!
the word Go! is for everyone
and to say it is so much fun
but the emo kids hate it
next time you are at a show
and the crucial moment arrives
point your finger and shout Go!
by straightXed April 24, 2008
The shortest sentence in the english language.
by Cpt.Bob October 08, 2003
Game Observer
1. Someone who watches someone else play video games but does not partake in it.
2. Someone who usually just watches walkthroughs/let's plays for fun.
3. Someone who watches entire video game series but does not play them.
"Jill loves playing Assassin's Creed but is a G.O when it comes to battlefield."
by Spinsomelight November 05, 2013
1 (verb): to proceed
2 (noun): an android desktop launcher app
3 (noun): a programming language invented by Google
4 (noun): the Japanese name of a board game invented in China
I think I'll go write a Go widget in Go that plays Go.
by computernerd1101 January 01, 2013
Good one.

Used in a sarcastic manner, to emphasize a bad joke or a failing attempt at any type of humor.
Fred: "Yeah, she was an honor student."


Fred: ".....G.O."
by Stee21 December 25, 2010

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