adj: cool, in style or popular
Tank tops are all go this season.
by Carma429 April 09, 2009
Something that will suffice.

It will do the job it's meant to do.
Ronan: Dude I can't believe you're shagging that rotten chic.
Sean: She goes.

Ronan: Man your car's a piece of shit.
Sean: It goes.
by Sleazy E! February 20, 2008
to go on a person; meaning to Fry and/or cook a person in insults.
Used mostly in the D.C. MD Area.
Megan: I'm bout to Go on you...
Ashley: Don't go on me...
by Ashley Haynes October 26, 2007
Amphetamines (or speed) used recreationally by either snorting or injecting.
Hey dude this go has been cut with Ajax or something.
by Chester Grape November 13, 2005
G.O. Short for game over when texting or short chat

Game over... finished, through, The End!, the buck stops here, ...!
U made ur last move n this relationship g.o.! gb!

game over finish finished over through done end, the end break up canceled
by fashionvixon90 June 20, 2010
Slang term for Adderall or other other prescription stimulant. Originated amongst college students in Atlanta.
Hey you got that Go? I have an Organic Chemistry test tomorrow.
by degenerateintellectual May 01, 2010
To get an answer. Also known to be used for no reason. Add onto the end of a sentance for more excitment. Usually written in capitals to emphasise it. Previously known as a traffic symbol (stop, wait, go.)
lube "omg guess what!", shed "GO!". "shotgun front seat go!".
by shedlubego September 27, 2007

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