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Noun. An uncircumcised penis. The "G" is indeed silent when pronouncing this ugly word. Not to be confused with a "nard" which is some kind of weird cracker slang for testicle.

A Gnard is most likely the kind of uncircumcised penis that takes you by surprise, either on a nice American boy whom you would never suspect, or a man you've been with 6 months to a year and never realized he had a little extra downstairs.
"I fear the penis of a French man--they are likely to have a gnard."
by yallahhabibineeknay August 07, 2009
Like nard, but a better spelling.
You suck total gnard.
by Hawtyboggin March 17, 2007
Balls...thats just about it
"Dude, english class sucks gnards"
by a_genius October 25, 2006