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n. 1. genetically modified orgasm. 2. to have a fake orgasm.
"I just found out my girlfriend has been GMOing on me."

"Jenna Jameson is the queen of GMOing."
by mic dundee June 24, 2007
81 59
noun - An abbreviation of Grandmother.
James: "Yo, dog, I saw my G'Mo yesterday. That bitch gave me money and cookies."
Bob: "My G'Mo's a babe.

Kristian: "My G'Mo was looking over at my emails."
Zach: "She be a creepy bitch."
by Casper360 December 22, 2013
17 2
an emo that is gangster aswell
omg hannah your so gmo
by vorny January 10, 2008
48 43
gay meth orgy
A 4 day drug fueled homosexual gang bang, gay meth orgy or GMO
by bkkripper April 15, 2011
37 35
emo (emotional) and gay (homosexual)
to the ex girlfriend: "Yo! You said you were seeing someone else and i was kinda jealous,but that was before I knew he was g mo! Later
by upincanada November 06, 2006
13 12
Acronym for "Genetically Modified Organism" used to identify someone that is too cool/smart/sponcho/weird to be a real human. Entity/supernatural being who could have been originated only through genetic engineering techniques.
A - damn,look at that chick..she's so hoooot!!
B - yaaaa...she's GMO!!!

A - ..that guy's arrived ONLY 10min ago and he's having his 6th Jack!!
B - wow..maybe he's GMO;)

A - have you heard about the last Bolt's world record?
B - sure...he's too GMO!!!
by yosoybeachboy November 06, 2009
25 26
(the word gangster in this definition is used as a generalization for all ghetto peeps, wiggers, those obsessed with talking black (ebonics), and "G's". lol)

1. An emo gangster.

2. A gangster that cuts.

3. A gangster that whines like a little bitch about everything.

4. A gangster that can't quit bitching.

5. An emo that thinks s/he's gangster.

6. An emo that acts gangster.

7. An emo that is in a gang.
FOO, YOU A GANGSTA, YOU CAN'T CUT!!! "It's a'ight, dawg, I'm G-Mo"

"Dawg, you sound like my girlfriend when you bitch like that." "I'm G-Mo, I can bitch all I want."
by Chris Abbott 'aka' Reposiric April 29, 2007
9 10