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Acronym for "Genetically Modified Organism" used to identify someone that is too cool/smart/sponcho/weird to be a real human. Entity/supernatural being who could have been originated only through genetic engineering techniques.
A - damn,look at that chick..she's so hoooot!!
B - yaaaa...she's GMO!!!

A - ..that guy's arrived ONLY 10min ago and he's having his 6th Jack!!
B - wow..maybe he's GMO;)

A - have you heard about the last Bolt's world record?
B - sure...he's too GMO!!!
by yosoybeachboy November 06, 2009
pronounce: (Spo-n-cho)
used to refer to someone that cheat someone else who's acting dishonestly (e.g. someone's trying to cheat/swindle/fuck you and you are smart enough to realize it and take your own advantage).

to do it sponcha: act/move/think as a sponcho
inside a super posh club:
A - damn,they are crazy 25euros for a drink!
B - ..wiht those money i could get a whole bottle of Jack..
A - uhmm..man,you.re right..wait me here for a while,)
a few minutes afterwhile..
B - hey dude..where have you gone?you left me alone almost half an hour
A - unwound man..and shall we have a drink?(showing a bottle of Jack)
B - wooooww,for sure..where did you find it?
A - well..just picked it up from the bar,)
B - ohh dude..you.re tooo SPONChO!!!

at poker table..
B - hey fried what are you doing? you've lost almost half of you money with your fucking bluff
A - relax..i'm just let them think that i'm the sucker and then i'll go all in
B - ohh dude..you.re tooo SPONChO!!!

after the successful all-in
A - guys for today is over..
B - where r u going?..you're crazy..right now that the luck is with you!!
A - so i keep it to make out with a nice chick,)see you..
B - ohh dude..you.re tooo SPONChO!!!
by yosoybeachboy November 06, 2009
The act of wandering from a place to another one drinking all night long..or until u r totally blasted,hence u r forced to waste the rest of your night on the crappy floor of a club/pub/your home toilet.

The main purpose of an Alcohol Parade is to get new mates in each place u have a drink, using alcohol as a powerful legal substance that allow u to build up new relations with previously unknown people..btw often it.s most likely they.ll keep to be unknown even the day after cuz you won.t be able to remind them,). Therefore the most important stuff is that you must be aware about your own tolerance threshold to avoid unwanted side effects as reported before, and to avoid regretful recoveries with unattractive/disgusting/nasty beings of the opposite (or even same) sex.

Broadly speaking even the whole life of an alcohol-addicted can be define as lifelong alcohol parade, where he spends all his time moving back and forth between pubs or supermarkets but with the mere aim to feel intoxicated.
A - shall we go for an alcohol parade?
B - I'm in, FOR SURE!! First round.s on me tonight,)

A - hey man nice to c u again!!! tonight i lost u right after a couple of drinks, so what was your last alcohol parade like?
B - ...dude, let.s have a bomb-cocktail i need to forget that rubbish sack i woke up with..
by yosoybeachboy January 26, 2010

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