(the word gangster in this definition is used as a generalization for all ghetto peeps, wiggers, those obsessed with talking black (ebonics), and "G's". lol)

1. An emo gangster.

2. A gangster that cuts.

3. A gangster that whines like a little bitch about everything.

4. A gangster that can't quit bitching.

5. An emo that thinks s/he's gangster.

6. An emo that acts gangster.

7. An emo that is in a gang.
FOO, YOU A GANGSTA, YOU CAN'T CUT!!! "It's a'ight, dawg, I'm G-Mo"

"Dawg, you sound like my girlfriend when you bitch like that." "I'm G-Mo, I can bitch all I want."
by Chris Abbott 'aka' Reposiric April 29, 2007
gives me orgasms
omg gurl u kno he gmo
by dizzywhore August 16, 2011
An Emo from the hood.
"Yo dude, i just saw winston cryin over his hoe"

"Man, dat boi is a G Mo!"
by Winston G March 08, 2008
GMO is what happens when an EMO person falls into Gangsterish clothing.

Gmo stands for Gangster Emo.

This was started by original GMO from northampton, UK.

His name was nathan simpson and he had myspace as all emo's did.

<a href="http://myspace.com/lasttaste">His myspace</a>

that is the original GMO's MYspace
"OMG your so cool GMO"
"I love them Air forces with them skinny's your such a GMO."
by Flifgdas: March 25, 2007
'Gmo' is a person who is an emo but has turned a bit gangster.

A emo that is a bit gangster

People who are too hardcore.. for other emos... but to hardcore for G's. THEY ARE GMO'S
Talia says 'wow Hannah is well gmo'
by J gmo January 12, 2008
usually used to refer to a boy who is a bit of a rudeboi but like to dress good and look good therefore looking emo. its the words gangster and emo put together therefore becoming gmo.
Boy1: Mandemm what are you wearing. you look like an emo.
Boy2: Nahh manndemm, im goin owt with tha gash init so i gta look gud, its gmo.
by C-Dott March 25, 2008
1. The acronym for "Genetically Modified Organism", such as corn.

2. The acronym OMG (oh my God) reversed to make fun of those who say OMG.

3. Basically OMG reversed, but with words to go with the letters. It stands for "Goodness! My oligarchy!" For those who don't know, an oligarchy is a system of government where a very small group of people control the whole government.
1. Ew, don't you know that what you're eating is a GMO?

2. A: Like, OMG, I got some awesome shoes!
B: Yeah, like, GMO...

3. A: How hard is the history test on ancient Mediterranean
B: I failed it...
A: GMO! How could it be that hard?
by JacktheShipper January 23, 2007

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