An interesting and cool email service. You will not receive a lot of spam.
by Matt11111 November 25, 2011
email for hard-core gangstas.(not for regular old bustas)
fo real homie, i send ya it by g-mail......CAUSE IM GANGSTA
by trezzin September 26, 2006
Gmail is a invitation only email service provided by google. The storage is growing constantly. The current storage is over 2 gigabytes.

Ggoogle plan is to increase space when they can.
Wow today my gmail account has 2050MB, thats better than hotmail or yahoo.
by Seven Alive April 10, 2005
Google's kick ass e-mail service that offers a gig of space to use.
G-Mail pwns j00r E-mail service.
by Josh July 16, 2004
An e-mail service provided by Google that provides 1 gigabyte of space to store your e-mails.
Is paid for through small text ads to the right of the web page.
Yoshi sent me an invite and I got a Gmail account made. w00t!
by optimus_87_ca June 26, 2004
gmail, or what will be known as the hotmail killer, is not a joke. it's as real as the pop ups and spam you get on micro$oft's service.
ciao hotmail
by lance April 02, 2004
The ultimate gangsta mail provider. 2 gigs better than all the hoodrats yo. Pwns all the utter n00bs.
John: Wtf is gmail???!!!

me: Its gangsta mail n00b.
by S3n0r p31igR0 August 19, 2007
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