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(v) to engage in sexual intercourse with a seemingly unattainable person, with the aim of achieving status and recognition from one's peers
"I would gloryfuck the shit out of Amie!"

"Brenda's not that hot, but she's definitely a gloryfuck."
by BingBobby August 14, 2009

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Sex, executed for renown and/or prestige among others
Dave- bro, I saw Gary go home with Paris Hilton last night.

Nick- wow...what a glory fuck.
by ClassyGal123 January 03, 2011
When a girl wants to fuck you while listening to epic rock and roll riffs from Metallica, hense making the sex look and feel glorious.
What a concert! Say, hows about a good old Glory Fuck?
by Spencer McjiggleJugs April 07, 2011