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General term used to describe a very actractive, and stylish woman or girl.
"That girl Cherie, is a real Glamma"
by Michael Misha July 05, 2005
36 12
If 60 is the new 40 then GlamMa is the new Grandma, a woman with a sense of self and style.
Some famous GlamMas: Goldie Hawn, Blythe Danner,Jane Fonda and Sally Field
by GlamMa May 02, 2009
25 9
The new generation of grandmas, who are stylish in the way they live and dress. These women do not fit the typical cardigan - wearing, permed hair granny stereotype, they are glamorous
You don't have a grandma, you have a glam ma
by Chrystal July 01, 2008
12 0
(Adj.) Superior fashion sense or sensibility. Ghetto fabulousness.
Glamma Kid (see British MC)

"He's got mad glamma son."
by Sir Carleton Johns April 04, 2003
14 9
Glamma is a term that is used to mean fake or false. Also, as a wanna be
Look at that glamma playa
by Ross August 06, 2004
8 17