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If 60 is the new 40 then GlamMa is the new Grandma, a woman with a sense of self and style.
Some famous GlamMas: Goldie Hawn, Blythe Danner,Jane Fonda and Sally Field
by GlamMa May 02, 2009
The new generation of grandmas, who are stylish in the way they live and dress. These women do not fit the typical cardigan - wearing, permed hair granny stereotype, they are glamorous
You don't have a grandma, you have a glam ma
by Chrystal July 01, 2008
General term used to describe a very actractive, and stylish woman or girl.
"That girl Cherie, is a real Glamma"
by Michael Misha July 05, 2005
(Adj.) Superior fashion sense or sensibility. Ghetto fabulousness.
Glamma Kid (see British MC)

"He's got mad glamma son."
by Sir Carleton Johns April 04, 2003
Glamma is a term that is used to mean fake or false. Also, as a wanna be
Look at that glamma playa
by Ross August 06, 2004
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