v. 1. to pout, complain, or make unreasonable demands. 2. To piss in a gizzle's back (See below).
n. 1. An individual characterized by a lack of diplomacy. 2. Demands respect which has not been earned.
(ALSO: Giz; May be pronounced Ji'-zul)
The gizzle just gizzed on me cuz i didn't pay the phone bill. Fuckin gizzle.
by Dirk Diggler September 13, 2003
Top Definition
this is snoop d-o double gizzle fo shizzle dizzle
by stiz August 16, 2003
its the letter G for gangsta so the gizzle means gangsta not a thug entering someone elses house.
RIcky is fo shizzle is a O.G gizzle
by vERSES June 27, 2003
a drizzle of giz(cum)
She wiped off the gizzle running down her leg.
by hajukoopaii March 06, 2008
(Gi-Z-el) Verb:

to tear apart someone's butthole
I just gave cat_mayor the gizzle
by davehuff August 04, 2014
When you suspect one of your bros to be a homosexual
When something is really lame

Example 1
Bro 1: I think Billy is Gizzle
Bro 2: How do ya figure
Bro 1; I was getting changed in the locker room, and I saw his eyes wander down to my ding dong.
Bro 2: Omg, you might be on to something!

Example 2
Eddie: Wow, Ben you like to watch horse porn?!
Adeola: Youre so fucking gizzle
by AdeolaSayss February 23, 2009
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