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v. 1. to pout, complain, or make unreasonable demands. 2. To piss in a gizzle's back (See below).
n. 1. An individual characterized by a lack of diplomacy. 2. Demands respect which has not been earned.
(ALSO: Giz; May be pronounced Ji'-zul)
The gizzle just gizzed on me cuz i didn't pay the phone bill. Fuckin gizzle.
by Dirk Diggler September 13, 2003
38 32
this is snoop d-o double gizzle fo shizzle dizzle
by stiz August 16, 2003
78 36
its the letter G for gangsta so the gizzle means gangsta not a thug entering someone elses house.
RIcky is fo shizzle is a O.G gizzle
by vERSES June 27, 2003
55 31
Another name for Ginuwine
by MACNZ June 02, 2003
11 9
a drizzle of giz(cum)
She wiped off the gizzle running down her leg.
by hajukoopaii March 06, 2008
14 15
6. take wine from your partners mouth & swirl it back and forth between you and your lover, locking lips to release the aroma
...would you like to taste the wine sir??...yes, my love and I will "gizzle and let you know...OH YAH BABY !!!
by Ted Bostrom February 15, 2005
10 11
The Gangsta meaning for george and featuring the one and onle nizzle
we love the Gizzle and the sexy Nizzle
by goderz November 07, 2005
3 5