The Gangsta meaning for george and featuring the one and onle nizzle
we love the Gizzle and the sexy Nizzle
by goderz November 07, 2005
it's the letter "G".. what's all this "grant" shit.. wha??
it's the D-O-double-Gizzle(dogg)
by Zoinks May 24, 2003
Fly homeboy named Gaute Rustad.
Hey, Gizzle, play that beat!
by Trizzle October 14, 2003
same as giz
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
extreme drunken giggling...uncontrolably so
Kim quit making me gizzle!!!
by Jett111 October 10, 2008
Another slang term for a homosexual.
I was walking in the mall and this ugly gizzle tried to holler at me!
by jab131 June 30, 2005
another word for weed.
Can you organize some gizzle for tonight ?
by pupeter October 26, 2004

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