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A girl with a body of a goddess but the face of a monster.
When i was walking behind this girl in the mall, I thought she was fine as hell until she turned around. At that moment, i knew that horseface was a butterhead
by jab131 June 23, 2005
A term derived from the combination of bucket and basket.
Me and my boys were hungry, so we went and got a busket of chicken.
by jab131 March 13, 2006
What happens when your girl has aunt flow in town and you barter for head or anal.
After my girl red tide stayed for a week, I reached a menstruation compromise for some brown eye.
by jab131 May 17, 2005
A computer anti-virus or firewall program that keeps you from getting infected with a virus. It is kind of like a condom since condoms keep you from STD's
After my harddrive got fried, I bought an internet security program to use as a cyber jimmy.
by jab131 September 18, 2005
a modification of the shocker with the thumb used as a clitoral stimulator. Named so because it resembles how you hold your hand when playing video games, and because of the pleasure a woman will get from it.
When I gave the joystick to this girl I knew, she came like she was a volcano!
by jab131 September 09, 2005
Another slang term for a homosexual.
I was walking in the mall and this ugly gizzle tried to holler at me!
by jab131 June 30, 2005
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