GITTS is an internet acronym for "Giving In To The Sphincter". This is used to the convey the image that the user can no longer procrapinate and must go to the bathroom immediately lest they shit their pants.

Typically used in conjunction with procrapinate.
Guy 1: Dude, I don't think I can procrapinate anymore. I'm about to shit my pants.
Guy 2: DIMP
Guy 1: brb GITTS
by TG (The Gift) August 05, 2009
Top Definition
a word used in florida for a young or little boy
yo you can't talk to her she got a gitt.
or you a gitt this is grown man's business
by yb813 April 21, 2010
Turkish word for leaving... taking a hike.
Rather used as slang in Stockholm.
I'm gittin' home!

Gitt man!
by Shimsham September 18, 2007
Get it together, tran.

Used when your friend is a hot mess and needs a little help.
1: "I'm so stressed about this class and my grades and work and..."

2:"Seriously? You need to gitt."
by Trancesca July 17, 2011

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