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Holders of the name are usually, if not always, sweet, generous, pleasant, kind, intelligent, wise, compassionate and adorable.
Brigitte is the best girl in the whole wide world.

If you have Brigitte as a friend, you're the luckiest person ever.
#brigitte #friend #girl #nice #name #sweet
by Abeeer May 09, 2008
Hottest girl ever, hands down. She is completely gorgeous, funny, cute, kind, and fun to be around. She's the total package. There are only two reasons why brigitte's would be hated, because that person is jealous or just a jackass. If you get a chance to be with a Brigitte, don't turn her down, or you're the biggest idiot ever. Brigitte is the best person in the world. Usually also up to model standards. EVERYBODY loves her.
Guy#1: i think im in love with Brigitte.

Guy#2: duh, isn't every boy?!?
#hot #funny #jackass #model #popular
by Geysbiej June 22, 2011
A female name
Often spelled Bridget.
That girl's name is Brigitte.
#brigitte #bridget #brigette #b #names
by hpbprincess286 April 16, 2007
A beautiful girl who isn't afraid to be herself around people and who is also very out going loves commitment especially in friendships and relationships she will never steal you're best friend or bf but can get into a fight if you try and steal her best friend or bf
Ana I love brigitte she's so committed to our friendship.
#bridget #sweet #loving #jealousbitch #scaredtolossyou.
by Annizie June 06, 2015
Is someone tall with a beautiful face and a perfect body and amazing long pretty hair .,also likes Niggas ,and loves her food to be double toasted.
This person loves bagels ,specially when they are double toasted.
This person also loves making bagel dances ,
that's why they decided to work in tim hortons for the rest of thir lifes becuse they can be surrounded with bagels all the time.
Brigitte LOVES Bagels.

That are double toasted..ONLY,
#bagels #brigitte #double toasted #pretty hair #tim hortens.
by bagel. November 27, 2011
There are two types of Brigittes:

1.Usually a huge slut with very few friends. She also runs her own buisness of prostitution. Mostly know as Quicky, but it varies from town to town.

2. Huge female with hair covering her body. They can grow up to 6'4 and weigh up to 400 pounds. They like raw meat in penis like form. They sometimes associate with the mofia.
Girl 1: Look, it's a huge ball of fur.
Girl 2: It's either a Brigitte or a sasquatch.
#brigitte #sasquatch #quicky #bridget #slut
by Danyka Byrnes March 31, 2008
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