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vandalism spray-painted very, very high

coined by Robin D. Grove
Ain't no way we're going to get to that giraffiti. That tag is here to stay.
by mandingoe April 18, 2005
Graffiti up high
Giraffiti is works of art, more commonly known as Graffiti, on bridges, 2nd storys or more of buildings, etc, eg somewhere up high.
by Nickie AKA Minx2812 October 08, 2008
Graffiti drawn at a high place.
Man check out that Giraffiti on that billboard.
by Alex Driggers May 29, 2007
Graffiti on a giraffe.
"Oh, no, look at that horrible giraffiti!"
"You what?"
"Over there, on the giraffe! Someone's spray-painted a purple cock on the poor thing!"
by Carasek April 12, 2012
Vandalism spray-painted very, very high.
Damnit, that hoodlum giraffitied our high school last night! We'll never be able to clean it off!
by [GM]Eagle July 10, 2008
Graffiti that is far outside the normal reaching distance of pedestrians or traffic.
Hey, look up there, that giraffiti must be 70 feet up!
how theF?!?
by mrpuffandstuff July 19, 2009

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