noun: a Governor in name only

A Governor who does not show up for important legislative sessions, who is unavailable to constituents, who does not take responsibility for decisions, who blames others for their difficulties
The lying, cheating, abusing, ignorant GINO. ...
... GINO revealed her/his true colors during the crisis in ...
BTW, has GINO come out with any words of wisdom on this subject?
by Defender of the Kingdom March 30, 2009
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The Classification of Italians that normaly are Canadian from Toronto. They are considered as Ginos because of there musical preference, known as beats and their tight clothing by brand makers such as Diesel. They are The Male verions as the females are called Gina's.
hey what kind of music do you you a Gino
by Steve March 25, 2005
A term which is most commonly known to teenagers and adults alike in the G.T.A. (Greater Toronto Area) in Canada. The term refers to an Italian (or one of Southern European descent, ie. Greek or Armenian) male who is from Canada and not from the country of their ancestry. A typical gino enjoys lively techno music (deemed "gino beats"), wears tight or sporty clothing (some brands include Adidas, Puma, Kappa and Diesel), likes small and sporty European cars, wears his hair spiked or curly and is supposedly of little or no intellect.

However, this term is very limited as it often applies to people who do not wish to be called ginos or are not considered to be ginos by the "true" ones. Also, it must be stated that there are several people who can be given the characteristics of a gino but are not at all unintelligent. Whether you believe you are or someone you know is a gino, is up to you. Just don't judge too harshly.
I'm an Armenian guy who likes wearing Adidas tracksuits, and my hair spiky. I would like to drive a sports car while listening to techno music quite loudly. However, my grades are above the expected grades of a typical gino. What does that make me?
by Hrach September 25, 2005
A male of european decent (usually italian, hence the name 'Gino') with little or no intelligence. Likes going to clubs and 'chillin' with the female version 'Ginas'. Usually sporting garments from Diesel, Parasuco, or Urban Behavior. Has acne, or if not, acne scars. Their hair always looks wet because of massive input of gel. Thinks their cars are 'the shit' but it's really just shit. Most likely to die in freak car accident while "drag racing yo." or overdosing on e. Rude, loud, stubborn, and extremely stupid yet for some reason they're proud of it because they think it makes them look 'rebellious' rather than barbaric. A disgrace of European culture in Canada.
Yesterday I went to Tim Hortons to grab myself a coffee and a donut, but instead I got attacked by a couple of Gino kids. I'm still cleaning the gel off of my shirt.
by Ai Tasumi February 05, 2006
When someone scores a goal, originating from hockey.
Did you see the Gino that Johnny scored in the game?
by Brittonm April 10, 2008
A person of mostly Italian,Greek or Persian descent that uses massive amounts of gel and only listens to trance,techno and house.They follow the religion of ginoism whose prophets are Tiesto, Benny Benassi and Armin Vun Buuren. It is worthy to mention that any insult to these prophets will result in an immediate jihad.They enjoy going to clubs and consuming huge amounts of alcohol while dancing with female ginos also known as ginas. The typical gino usually hits on a gina with the following line

Gino: hey whats your favorite song?
Gina: the one that goes like
Gino: me too!
Gina: Lets mate!
Gino: This is best brooo, bestttt
by Zende December 16, 2008
Slang used to connote an overly ’visual’ Italian of the male persuasion. What is ’overly visual’?

1) The right attitude...hence ’GEEEEVE’ Short for "I don’t give a fcuk."

2) The right music (euro, freestyle, euro-pop, euro cheeze, euro trash, gino rock (Bon Jovi etc. etc.) preferably played as loud as possible on your car stereo to attract the attention of the other ’dude-buds’ *See 3 for definition of ’dude-bud’.

3) The right ’dude-buds’. Dude-buds (DB’s) are simply put, other gino’s who are your close friends. They are the ones ’who buy you the coffee and the smokes, when you’re feeling hungry now...’ Why dude-buds?
Gino 1: Dude! What’s ’goin on?
Gino 2: Bud! Nothin’, just finished waxing up my ’Stang, gettin’ ready to cruise the strip at Wasaga Beach. Dude! What about you?
Gino 1: Bud! Just came back from Highway 7, I saw your ex. Dude! She looked MINT! But she’s such a troia now. This goon she was with in the Coffee Time parking lot, Dude, you should have..."

4) The right clothes...Diesel, Mexx, Indian Motorcycle, D & G, Aldo, and various other stores can supply the G.I.T. with what they need to become a gino.

5) The right hair. This has ranged from the old fashioned pulled back with grease look from a couple of decades ago to the now present ’geeeve’ messed up look. More popular is the style where the hair is still spiked, but pulled back in such a way so as to give the impression that you drove to where ever you are presently with the top down and your head out the sunroof!

6) The right career. Every gino at some time in his life dreams of becoming a DJ.

7) The right car accessories/car. Having at least ONE Italian flag on your car is a must. In addition, driving a Cavalier Z24, VW Golf GTI (perferrably VR6) Mustang GT, Camero (IROC = bonus points) and lacing as much of the car in ’Momo’ parts gets you even furhter into this thing called ginoism.
'Man, last night I was tuned into Z103, with the nugget, Tony Monaco. Marky D was pounding some SERIOUS gino beats from Menage.
by GTI_Guy September 14, 2006
Gino is a person who gels their hair, listens to dance when ever they have a chance, stick to clubs that exclusively play euro music and wear somewhat tight pants and clothes either in everyday/night life.
Hey John Ajdinovic you a gino! lol
by zack iqbal April 12, 2004

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