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1- Canadian slang: a derogatory term used to designate a male of Italian descent.
2- A pejorative word used to designate a male who has a macho attitude, who likes to dress in tight designer clothes and who believes he is the finest example of mankind. Ethnic origin is irrelevant, but the term is usually aasociated with men of Mediteranean origin; especially Italians, Greeks and Lebaneses. This is largely due to the preconceived belief that these men have a particularly sharp but sometimes vulgar sense of fashion and a very macho attitude.
3- A subculture of the wider Italian culture that mainly focuses on looking good (physically) and being "slick". Once again, ethnic origin is ultimately irrelevant because just about anyone can adopt the typical gino attitude. Ginos have their own linguistic habits, fashion sense, musical preferences, ideals and life goals.
Look at that Gino wearing his Armani suit with tube socks
by mlu007 June 23, 2005

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