Gino is a nickname for a person named Luigi, usually a little boy. It comes from "Luigino" (little Luigi)
Hey, Gino! get over here before i smacka you
by ooweej December 07, 2006
a kick-ass restaurant on crossbay boulevard in Howard Beach. best italian food ever.
boy 1 - lets go to Gino's.
boy 2- only the best of the best italian food is made there !
by GiaHB76 October 26, 2008
something or someone that goes way beyond gay standards
yo eddie this nigga frankie is mad gino i walked into his room and that nigga was in his boxers dancing to a clay aiken song with a feather boa around his neck and boobie tassles on
by aj haze March 27, 2008
a boy in my school. very gullible, dumb, and willing to do stuff you ask him to do. but when theres no one to talk to, i guess you can talk to him.
person 1: gino can you throw away my trash?
gino: umm...ok sure
by girl21star November 23, 2009
Euro-trash wannabes from the G.T.A. (Greater Toronto Area). Similar to the "guido", and just as sad. The male Gino is usually a closet homosexual who wears clothing brands like Diesel which they probably got on sale at some factory outlet. The clothes that they wear are usually to tight, infact 98% of deaths caused by loss of circulation were Ginos. Despite the Gino males homosexuality, they can usually be seen with a Gina (Female Gino)to cover it up who is usually 8-13 years younger than him. The gino can usually be seen driving around in his riced out Honda Civic that is only worth about $2000 with about $10000 worth of accessories that were purchased by their parents. You can usually find a Gino in the club dancing to beeps and bops in which they call music. A Gino is generally unemployed living off his parents although they try to give the impression that they are successful.
Eatons centre Mall in Toronto is basically a Gino Bee-Hive. You can usually spot a Gino in their within every five feet, usually spending their hard earned paychecks from working at a local grocery store on jeans or a shirt that they will wear to the club one time.
by redrum86 May 14, 2006
An Italian American who boasts about how large his dick is even though he doesn't own a ruler. He tries very hard to be the funny guy in school, but it really doesn't work out all the time. HE IS A FAIL!!!!!!!
Someone: Hi, Gino
Gino: I have an 8 inch sausage!!!!!
Someone: WTF??!?!?!!
Gino: I don't even own a ruler!!!
Someone: You are a retard.
Gino: But, i don't even own a ruler!!!!!
Someone: STFU!!!!!!!
by Gino with no ruler April 08, 2010
gino is usually a persons name,they are cocky,wear there hair spiked up, nice and tan, and dress fasionably. ginos are GREAT in bed, and are known for lasting a long time :) and are usually of european culture.
gino was awesome lastnight, i thought it would never end.
by blkae November 29, 2009

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