gino is usually a persons name,they are cocky,wear there hair spiked up, nice and tan, and dress fasionably. ginos are GREAT in bed, and are known for lasting a long time :) and are usually of european culture.
gino was awesome lastnight, i thought it would never end.
by blkae November 29, 2009
-the act of becoming angry
-vehemently lashing out vocally
-an outraged livid tirade with or without stomping or thrashing about
-incensed overreaction
after failing his state test, billy went completely gino!

jorge got all gino at his co-workers

mark was gino by the time we got there.
by cool guy joe January 17, 2007
(n) An acronym meaning "Godzilla in Name Only," refering to the American version of Godzilla from the movie of that name made in 1998.
Any true G-fan will tell you that GINO is a pathetic excuse for a monster.
by Heptune May 11, 2005

something or someone that goes way beyond gay standards
Yo Teddie this nigga Frankie is mad gino i walked into his room and that nigga was in his boxers dancing to a clay aiken song with a feather boa around his neck and boobie tassles on
by aj haze March 29, 2008
A gimp! Usually referring to a boy being an arsehole..
Hes an absolute gino!
by Rachel n Victoria March 22, 2008
The greasiest, most diego italin person you will ever see.
Damnit Gino ate all the spaghetti
by chuck stephens January 18, 2007
Every Canadian male with Italian heritage, who currently resides in Woodbridge.
Frank, Tony, Guido, Vince ect...... You get the point.

by Dave123 April 17, 2006
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