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A phobia of ginger people
Mr.B: I'm absolutley terrified everytime I see a ginger person.
Doctor: you have what is commonly known as gingerphobia.
by Jade Rebecca December 16, 2006
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A contagious form of sexual dysfunction, often infecting whole countries, and particularly prevalent in Britain and Canada. Manifests itself in the form of violent hatred and/or catty jealousy towards redheaded people, no matter how beautiful, instead of figuring out what else they might be good for. Generally considered one of the strongest arguments in favor of the American Revolution.

Also called gingerism.
"Yeah, I'm datin' a redhead. You see, while you were down sick with gingerphobia, I found out that she's nice, she's hot, and she's basically too good for you. And I certainly ain't goin' out with YOU on my arm on Saturday night, boy! So don't start with me."
by The Urban Husky November 08, 2011
to be scarred of gingers
'ive got gingerphobia' said aaron
by stevie n June 20, 2008

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