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A party animal from the depths of their bedroom lives for sex and drinking and is often found stealing mailboxes with the chadrick. It is said that a Kierons face looks as though it was carved by the gods of olympus which has been proved and is true =].
1. Man im partying/drinking/fucking like Kieron at the moment
2. Woah he looks like Kieron. Yeah his face does look like it was sculpted by the gods of olympus
by Kieron the pwn master November 24, 2007
A smelly little bitch who only knows how to suck on people's dick. He also is a pervert with desires but is too ugly to get a prostitute even at 5000USD.
Aww... Who's a kieron now?
I hat you, you kieron!
Kieron, that's what you are!
by Joe Armadyl September 23, 2013
a person who has an uncanny likeness to the appearance of any member of the band OASIS.
"whoa mang that guy/girl is totally kieron!"
by erri-san September 08, 2006

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