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Brighid is asume, shes sexy cool but doesnt no it. she great at almost everything. i garentee that she will be presisdent when she grows up.
bow down bitchs, the almighty brighid is here.
by tallistfalls December 13, 2004
Brighid is a Celtic goddess of fire and creativity. Brighid was adopted by the Catholic church and christened St. Brigit.
Brighid is the patron goddess of this shop.
by Faust Crowley July 20, 2008
Brighid is the best girl in the whole world.
It's impossible to not to love her.
and she is amazingly gorgeous.
Joshua Loves Brighid :)
by joshuwah August 05, 2009
A girl with way too curly of hair. Her hair is literally a jungle and anyone who can navigate through it is a master navigator. Nicknames for this girl include curls, it, and Chewbacca. Guys wonder for days as to whether the curtains match the drapes and when they find out, they're normally too shocked to speak of it.
Guy 1: Look at that girl's hair, she's definitely a Brighid.
Guy 2: For sure, I heard she's going out with Matt.
Guy 1: Lucky.
Guy 2: Not if the curtains match the drapes.
Guy 1: Ugh.
by Humpadumper November 06, 2011
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