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Since photos have recently surfaced of Prince Harry naked in Las Vegas, a "Prince Harry" shall henceforth be known as a text of a naked photo.
"I can't wait to see you when I get off work. You should send me a Prince Harry to hold me over!"

" Sext me your Prince Harry, baby!"
#sext #text #prince hairy #mms #camera phone
by Wm JD August 22, 2012
A marijuana cigarette.
Origins: Youngest son of Prince Charles and younger brother of Billy the Boy King, Prince Harry was memorably caught smoking/possessing marijuana in the early noughties.
See also: joint, spliff, doobie etc.
I could do with a Prince Harry right about now.
#joint #spliff #doobie #doobie snack #reefer
by sidgirl August 22, 2006
The younger of the two brothers, Prince Harry is the one who is allowed to die without it affecting the country, mostly. Did I mention he is ginger?
Prince Harry don't care, he does what he wants, just like Eric Cartman
#prince #brother #ginger #death #cartman
by Meghan D April 16, 2007
Son of Prince Charles and the younger brother of Prince William. His full name is HRH Princy Henry Charles Albert David Windsor. He was born Sep. 15, 1984 at 4:02am. His mother, Princess Diana, died in 1997 of a car crash.
Prince Harry is soo f'n hott.
#prince charles #prince william #princess diana #queen elizabeth #royal family
by JtotheM November 06, 2006
A drunken fool who's proved himself to be prejudiced and ignorant. Dressed up as a Nazi to a party and made racist remarks towards a fellow soldier of Pakistani roots and called another cadet a "raghead."

His only talent is partying and swinging his arms out like a gorilla at the cameras once he's wasted. His wasteful lifestyle is, of course, paid for by the British taxpayer.
Millions of idiots adore that poor excuse of a human called Prince Harry.
#prince harry #royal family #british #drunk #prejudiced
by Lauzier August 13, 2011
Younger son of Prince Charles, Prince Harry thinks it's a laugh to dress up as a nazi. He probably found the uniform in Princess Michael's wardrobe. Er, has anyone ever told her that Michael is actually a boy's name?
A parent annoyed that her child is not paying attention at school: If you don't learn anything you'll end up with an IQ like Prince Harry.
Child: (horrified) Alright, I'll do better from now on!
#prince charles #royals #queen #prince #monarchy
by StormSworder August 15, 2006
1.A Nazi
2.A Derrogative term for a German: "Look at that Prince harry with the friggin' towel on the sunbed"
Adolf Hitler
Joseph Goebbels
Heinrich Himmler
Cliff Richard
by Finesilver January 16, 2005
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