Ginder is a place not here but somewhere over there.. A place you can only get buy not being sober.
I'm pretty Ginder at the moment

I'm not here but Ginder

Are you going to get Ginder with me?
by knulmeteenkano a.k.a. Gindrboy January 13, 2010
Top Definition
Ginder runs around in mostly the Northeastern part of the United States and is heavily used in the Northern New Jersey/New York area. It is a derogatory term for Indians (mostly those of Gujurat descent). However, it describes only those few who have a very hard time to keep clean and are new to the culture of the United States. A ginder, also, possesses the quality of being cheap, unsanitary, and very obiedient to elders.
The ginder that lives down that hill needs a shower.
by Desi Master August 19, 2003
A derogatory word for Indian people.
You know you're a ginder when....
-your house smells like indian food after your mom cooks
-your parents drive a camry
-your parents call all your friends "beta"
by Nupur Patel April 01, 2003
a ginder is a dirty indian, who often masks his fob accent with ebonics in order to blend in to society. However, he usually ends up hanging out with other fake indian thugs rather than americans. but he believes himself to be cool
wow he smells he must be a ginder
by Rtown June 16, 2008
A Booker. Usually from the nose. Of someone gross and descusting . Its a booker thats usaully part green & hard on one end. Black & rubbery in the middle . And snotty&slimey on the other end. Ewww thats a REAL GINDER !
Like when a Auto Mechanic picks his nose in front of somebody and showes it to them. OMG it can look nasty! Boy thats a Real Ginder You got there Boy! Euwww fucking Foul man!
by Rutterkid April 17, 2011
(n.) The name for brown people, who indians consider desi. Many people consider them dirty and unsanitary. Thats because all those white ass bitches are jealous and fear us.

2.(n) The people who always do better on math tests, and get jobs
Ex: Those ginders took your job bitches.

Ex: Maybe if you had some culture you would like those ginders, bitch.

Ex: Maybe if you studied like a ginder you wouldn't be a broke ass white boy.

Ex: Be a ginder, Bitch

Ex: Moses was brown like a ginder, Bitch.

by Rahul Reddy August 25, 2004
The yellow crusty stuff that collects at the tear ducts of your eyes when you sleep.
"Come here Honey, you've got a ginder in your eye"
by SweetOne February 14, 2009
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