Someone who thinks they are a black pimp but in actual fact you are a white boy from the burbs.
jason mills stop being a gimp.
by Kapo March 16, 2005
1.) A person who walks with a limp, or has some other type of handicap.
2.) An S&M leather-clad freak.
3.) A really, really uncoordinated and weird dork.
1.) Bob broke his leg, now he's a gimp.
2.) Bob walks around wearing tight leather clothing and a whip, he's a gimp.
3.) Bob walked into a wall while reading a Star Wars book, what a gimp!
by Fluffyinsanity January 15, 2005
1) Male, sex slave as seen in Pulp Fiction

2) A image editing software

3) A mental, or physically disabled person

4) Sam Rough
That Sam is such a gimp
by Thepoonslayer November 07, 2014

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