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A unit of counting that equals a billion million.

The cardinal number equal to 1000000 × 1000000000
At the age of 42, I will have a gillion dollars in the bank.
by Geremology May 09, 2005
a shitload of something
i have like a gillion shoes with holes in them
by steezy(chris p) March 18, 2009
An unambiguous number that represents a 1 followed by 9 zeros (1,000,000,000). Equivalent to American "Billion" and European "Milliard"
I have a thousand million things to do!" "You mean a gillion things to do!
by Zyxuvius November 12, 2010
The amount of money that anyone named Gil has.
I just got paid today, now I have $700 gillion dollars.
by Gilty30 January 26, 2011
a type of number with 100 zeros
i walke to the milbar and bought a gillion icypoles
by king November 07, 2003