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gilla is short for gorilla; it means over the top

you're so gilla man
he's gilla
redman is always gilla
by forpeachsakes December 26, 2007
Can be either an incredibly creative spontaneous hilarious person or can be used to describe a crazy drunken night typical of this sort of guy.

A Gilla is a completely out of control but funny drunk; someone who isn't afraid to walk through a mob of angry young black men singing the blues and playing the harmonica while screaming "I've got your balls...."; esentially a completly hilarious lovable but insane fucko!

Alternates: GillaManjaro, GillaMan, ThrillaGilla
You wake up with unexplainable cuts, bruises and bite marks but aren't quite sure how the night ended. You remember running through the building with fire estiguishers, breaking furniture, water fights, wrestling with lesbians, and throwing things out your windows... oh, and you can't quite remember where your girlfriend went or why you've baracaded yourself in the room with a pile of furniture in front of the door.

"Aw, man... I musta pulled a Gilla!"
by Sonja N. November 16, 2005
Slang term for Centralia, Illinois. Used by the youth of Centralia, and other surrounding towns. The gilla is a hardcore, motherfuckin riot. It's wonderful, but sad. Most people don't get out of there. They might become addicted to drugs (heroin, meth, crack), live in poverty or just can't get out. Cops are especially bad in Centralia, looking for drugs, and always finding them. Cops here blow.
Man the gilla is flooded with the pigs tonight.
by sublimehellyes July 14, 2006
A Slang Word For Vagina pussy
Gilla Gilla
by White Hoez November 26, 2003

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