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A substance derived from the plant, poppy flower. Found in most regions of the world, and created in Southeast and Southwest Asia, Central America and the Mideast. Heroin comes in two forms, tar and china. Tar is usually made in Mexico, while the china (hence, "fine china") comes from the other sections of the world in many colors, shades, and cuts. There are many ways to use heroin, including intravenously- with a needle, smoking- using foil; "chasing the dragon", and snorting the substance. Many users each year overdose and die, relapse, get arrested, or stay addicted. Heroin is displayed to be a highly fashionable drug, but is not. Slang terms for heroin are: junk, dope, smack, shot, shit, h, etc.
The onset of a heroin "rush" from a needle is about 3-7 seconds, and lasts about 3 seconds.
Heroin is horrible and deadly. Believe me, please. I know what I'm saying, don't think that it's cool.
by sublimehellyes July 02, 2006
Slang term for Centralia, Illinois. Used by the youth of Centralia, and other surrounding towns. The gilla is a hardcore, motherfuckin riot. It's wonderful, but sad. Most people don't get out of there. They might become addicted to drugs (heroin, meth, crack), live in poverty or just can't get out. Cops are especially bad in Centralia, looking for drugs, and always finding them. Cops here blow.
Man the gilla is flooded with the pigs tonight.
by sublimehellyes July 14, 2006

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