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homecoming king of saddle brook in '03
Frankie Giglio is cute.
by john doe April 26, 2004
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A good looking Italian-American from New Jersey, New York, Las Vegas or Italy. A Giglio is usually skinny with dark gelled hair. Never mess with a Giglio!!!! I can't say this enough!!!! A Giglio may seem skinny and unintimidating, but the minute you challenge a Giglio to a fight, it will probably be over before it starts because a Giglios sicilian adrenalin will cloud everything and he will beat the ever loving shit out of you and anyone who steps in. Don't think Giglios are all bad people. A Giglio is by nature a generous individual, like most people of Italian heritage are. Giglios are always nice to their friends/coworkers. Giglios will bring in food, gifts, unexpectedly for others because they like to see people happy. Giglios are very good lovers and usually have huge penises and women love them for that Giglios wear gold chains, sometimes pinky rings, work at and some sort of restaurant, usually an italian place of eatery. Giglios tend to have bigger ears than most people but girls think it's very sexy and just makes a Giglio a much better person for knowing that noone is perfect, and being confident about it.
Man, That guy has alot of grease in his hair, he must be a guinea
He is a guinea, his last name is Giglio
by MaryJane1234 October 15, 2013
one who has been homeschooled.
The only reason why sarah's kids are so stubborn is because they were giglio'd.
by 4more September 03, 2007

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