Top Definition
fucked by the order of magnitude times 1000
the computer laid us out in a gigafucked state
by jimimbo March 26, 2007
A condition realized when you go way over your shitty 5GB per month wireless allotment and realize that there is no way you can pay your Sprint bill without taking a second job.
Gamer: well, that download puts me at 37 GB this month, I am giga-fucked.
by kellygirl2968 September 17, 2010
A whole lot worse than just fucked.

Phone conversation

1st- I got busted for a D.U.I. again
2nd- damn, you're fucked now
1st- It gets worse, we had drugs in the car and the guys in the back were packin' illegal guns......
2nd- HOLY SHIT, you be giga fucked now
by Cypher Drak October 13, 2006
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