Human female excrement in the form of small, Chicken McNugget shaped particles resembling rabbit or sheep droppings.

The male's leavings are generally far larger in length and girth, often resembling a fallen tree or log, which is where the slang term originates from.

If one finds giblets inhabiting his/her toilet bowl, they can be almost certain that the culprit was either a woman or small child. They can also be grateful that the offender was not an adult male as the results would be of a far more serious nature.
That being said, on occasion, females have been known to rival males in this area.
by Daniel The Great May 08, 2007
Top Definition
Another way of saying testicles.
Hey, don't use Rowdy to cover up your giblets, apologize!
by Eliot Reid January 26, 2004
1. The slang name given to a somewhat annoying sibling, usually younger than oneself. 2. The edible innards or viscera of a bird, namely a fowl or chicken. Can be quite tasty provided it is prepared with the right spice mix and cooked just right. Can also be used as a satisfyingly disgusting weapon against the aformentioned 'giblet' sibling.
1. 'Fuck off you Giblet!' 2. Mmm....Giblets with plum sauce for dinner.
by John Barry July 04, 2006
Slang for accessories or stuff or extras that come with a product. Derived from the term Giblets, which is the extra parts of the turkey that come wrapped and packaged with the turkey. Extra parts such as the turkey liver and heart.
Frosch: What are you going to do with all the giblets that came with your new laptop?
Zentakko: I will just stuff them back in the box for now, I dont need them yet.
Eleazar: I have a presentation tonight, can you have a projector ready for me to take along?
Fulkor: Sure, do you need all the giblets? (Such as the power cable, 4 different types of video cables, 2 different types of audio cables, remote control with batteries, usb cable, and cleaning kit.)
Eleazar: Full giblets please, thanks!
by Attack Frog April 03, 2006
(a) The Children of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

(b) Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs' quirks and/or Rules
(a) Ah! You and the Director make nice Giblets, Gibbs.

(b) Gibbs' Giblets are part of his charm.
by Mrs. Anthony DiNozzo March 14, 2009
Genitalia, either male or female
"Dude, I wasn't watching where I was going and totally racked my giblets on a railing!"

penis genitalia organs vagina
by ThursdayWeld March 11, 2010
Giblet can mean a chickens guts as its traditional term. Giblets in today's world is used as the name for everything, good and bad and depends on context.
"Don't be a Giblet john" "and your such a Giblet cool food at?"
by flanimal4114 September 04, 2015
a short stumpy man, who sits in an office and pretends to do work all day, calling everyone brother or sister.
Giblet: 'Hey sister, whats for lunch today? Can you pick me up some McDonalds as i am extremely busy. Did i tell you about my trip to tuscany?'

Staff member: "Fuck off u Giblet, go get your own damn food. and no i dont care bout no trip to tuscany! take a trip to MY ASSHOLE!"
by bond002 February 01, 2009
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