The insides of an animal (including humans). Some cooks like to use giblets for flavor.
-The stuff you see spill out of zombies in videogames.

-That guy's intestines in "Saving Private Ryan" in the begging of the movie.
-Some people give the nickname "Giblets" to other individuals, who don't know what giblets are, so this can be an inside joke for some of your friends and yourself. Me myself have given this nickname to my friend Trevor, who really looks like giblets, and he smells like giblets.
by Big BFF Jake February 01, 2011
a short stumpy man, who sits in an office and pretends to do work all day, calling everyone brother or sister.
Giblet: 'Hey sister, whats for lunch today? Can you pick me up some McDonalds as i am extremely busy. Did i tell you about my trip to tuscany?'

Staff member: "Fuck off u Giblet, go get your own damn food. and no i dont care bout no trip to tuscany! take a trip to MY ASSHOLE!"
by bond002 February 01, 2009
dried prolapsed piece of skin hanging from a womans vagina
"her giblet hung down past her knees due to the reaming she copped"
by John Doe April 21, 2003
"exposed meat foliage nestling between protective folds of vaginal flesh"
"Come lick me giblets"
by howie and terri February 17, 2004
giblets— (n.) (USA-Southeast) additional loose papers that must eventually be attached to an original document or medical file. Faxed or mailed medical records. Un-filed bills or receipts.
Please file these giblets into the patient’s medical chart.
by Asher Maystein February 08, 2005
A person living in Gibraltar.
Giblet money is euro's or giblet pounds.
by Gumba Gumba April 11, 2004
1, innards of a poutry animal

2, small person that gibbers
"Is that you on the stairs? no it's a four pack of bake beans" - Tim

"Tim, stop randoming you giblet" - Phill
by Phill August 15, 2004

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