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This word is pronounced 'fish' through manipulation of atypical linguistic rules.
It uses the gh from laugh, the o from women and the ti from nation.
Ghoti is a bastard word that only has application in written context, and is primarily used by people trying to be smartasses.
by Marasmus November 11, 2003
ghoti is what you write down to confuse someone. Pronounced 'fish', it utilises the 'gh' from 'cough', the 'o' from 'women' and the 'ti' from 'action' to become a confusing little bugger. If you are writing to a posh person, be sure to start a conversation about fish, and say 'ghoti' several times. It means fish, too.
Dear Fishmongers,
The ghoti you sell is weird and unhygenic! That ghoti made me sick twice. I hate your ghoti!
by Gravitron March 12, 2005
The correct spelling of the word 'fish'

You take the 'gh' in trough

the 'o' in women

and the 'ti' in action

You can give a man ghoti and feed him for the day, or teach a man to ghoti and he will eat for the rest of his life.
by RyDawgHowe May 13, 2009
I'm gonna go chomp on my ghoti....mmm tasty
by Anonymous July 28, 2003
An excellent DJ of certain shoutcast stations
Did you hear DJ DopeGhoti last night? The show was awesome!
by DJ DopeGhoti February 04, 2003
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