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ghoti is what you write down to confuse someone. Pronounced 'fish', it utilises the 'gh' from 'cough', the 'o' from 'women' and the 'ti' from 'action' to become a confusing little bugger. If you are writing to a posh person, be sure to start a conversation about fish, and say 'ghoti' several times. It means fish, too.
Dear Fishmongers,
The ghoti you sell is weird and unhygenic! That ghoti made me sick twice. I hate your ghoti!
by Gravitron March 12, 2005
The opposite of perfection, ie every single thing you can think of. Consider infinite and finite.
Adj. Antefect
Verb. to antefecate
Adv. Antefectly
"You're not God, you're just an antefect little dog!"
by Gravitron March 12, 2005
Also: Hyposexuality
A condition in which you are so afraid of being thought of as celibate that you start having intercourse madly and often.
Man, that guy acts like he's got celebaphobia!
by Gravitron March 12, 2005

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