When you have taken a turd and it is so heavy that it disappears and has already gone through the plumbing before you've had a look.
James took a big, BIG log one day only to find that it had disappeared by the time he had gotten up to take a look. The bowl was empty with no turd in sight. James excitedly ran to his mother - Mummy, I did a ghost turd!!!
by ghostieroastie April 11, 2009
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when you sit on the can and you can swear you're droppin a laod, but when you turn around to admire your work there's no sighn of it
oh, man, i just laid a ghost turd
by Anonymous July 22, 2003
also known as the disappearing mud monkey, its when you let out a chocolate hotdog but look down later to discover a toilet with no turd in it.
holy crap, i just had my first ghost turd
by mrwhite1337 June 15, 2008
a clump of dust or lint found in large numbers under furniture
There was that one ghost turd that behind the wheel that the boys miss when clearing the space under the bed.
by The Return of Light Joker October 31, 2011
dust under bed u find when dong sum spring cleaning
dust under bed, can be found under coffee tables and dressers, dumb little ghost turds
by jOMEL March 27, 2007
1. dust balls under your bed
2. dust bunnies
Jeez Mike, clean your room - just look at all those ghost turds under your bed!
by Bud E Love May 08, 2003
To rush to the toilet thinking you had to poop
I thought I was going to crap my pants, but it was a ghost turd
by timberjaw February 02, 2015

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