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Obscure reference to the Simpsons: Monty Burns has just made a speech, and was getting booed out. When he asks his kiss-ass assistant if they're booing him, he replies "No, sir...they're saying boo-urns." He then asks the crowd, and they continue to boo him, save for Hans Moleman, who says "Well, I was saying boo-urns."

An exclamation, used in disappointment or excitement
"I lost the tickets to the concert."
"Ah, boo-urns."
by Burns April 10, 2003
a blunt mixed with bud and crack cocaine
roll the wooler blunt need to get high
by burns March 29, 2005
Possessing lower than average sized male genitalia.
That guy has the Suave syndrome going on, He asked me how he was doing and I said 3 nots, Your not big,your not in, and your not going to cum.
by Burns June 30, 2004
When you have a dump and you don't have to wipe your arse
Man 1: wow, i just had a huge ghost turd!

man 2: Nice one.
by Burns December 02, 2003
th process of partaking in a 'wank' whilst sat on the toilet, having a shit.
I can't wait to have a shank when I get home from work
by burns November 17, 2003
Allowing air to be sucked into one's anus and blown out as a fart.
"Dan the Farter" on the Howard Stern show can do suck-in's all day.
by Burns September 24, 2003
A 16 oz. beverage. Most likey a beer.
"Dude let's go get some Tall Boy's"
by Burns September 24, 2003
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