A species / Genus of Spiders. Some are poisonous some are not.
Ghost spider species example are as follows:

Hibana Incursa

Does not have camouflage capability(does not change color)

Hybana Hybrid
this insect has wings
it has Camouflage ability (changes color in defense mode)
it is found in the United States, Africa, Asia, Caribbean, and Brazil
by PHD Entomologist July 08, 2013
(noun) 1) discarnate soul of a human being, no emotions 2.) a very loud bubbly person, who suddenly got kind of shy – what’s wrong, ghost? Why so shy? 3) broken libido, smiles a lot in a weird kind of way 4.) spooky sheet with holes cut out for eyes 5.) to get super baked and pass out on a couch 6.) good guy, life of the party… he doesn’t need a ride, he’ll walk 7.) someone who has no agenda and just floats with whatever is going on 8.) sheet that’s getting ripped to shreds, doesn’t seem to bother him
“‘Hey Molly, your husband’s clothes fit funny, girl… You ready to step into the jungle? You know I see you. Yeah, I’m looking right at you. You, the ghost. You’re freaking me. You want to watch? You like to watch?’

‘It’s my fucking husband that’s dead, not me.’ “
by dandelion47 April 03, 2012
someone who has very pail skin and hair but arn't albino!
Pepole often walk into him/her and say sorry i didn't see u there for a laugh.
dom: hey, have u seen ghost boy.

david: what oli

dom: yer

david: How could i see him any way.
by whu777 October 18, 2011
When something is so dope that it has OD'd and therefore is now a ghost.
Yo, that track that you played me yesterday was ghost!
by mikeysamps June 14, 2011
term used for police when someone is Playing Pacman and the cops come to arrest them for being intoxicated or just a terrible driver.
Ex 1: 'we should call some Ghosts to get that person off the road, Playing Pacman isn't safe in these parts.'

Ex 2: 'man, i was Playing Pacman this one time and like 4 Ghosts pulled me over!'
by Amythist Rose April 22, 2011
a perfume who smells like someone
clarissa sprays here ghost.....
paul: " wow! i smell like a clarissa"
by paul_clarry July 02, 2010
drinking game. Play the first 50 seconds of the song "Death is not a Parallel Move" by Of Montreal. Every time you hear the word "ghost" consume! Typically played with beer. A lot of beer.
"let's play ghost!"
"OMG yessssssss!"

All my thoughts come from a foreign host
Now I feel just like a ghost (DRINK)
by deborah u. tahnt November 27, 2010

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