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A person from you past that means something to you. Like an ex boyfriend, past hook up, someone you liked. Usually relate it to when you hook up with them and you're telling your friend I ghosted last night or I saw a ghost last night.
I ghosted last night.

I saw a ghost last night.
by LexAgo January 07, 2010
a nic you use on a message board that is different from the nic you usually use.
Your main nic is RudyKnowsBest but sometimes you post as NickDaGhost
by survivorsucks May 24, 2009
Game-host who is invisible (doesn't play)
I got a bone to pick with the host! Where is he I need to talk to him!
you can't he's a g-host
by GRATZD February 01, 2011
When you smoke out of a bowl that is not packed and is filled with resin. You are smoking the ghost of the weed that was once there. It is simply known as smoking ghost.
I'm all out of weed but we can smoke some ghost.
by intrueglory July 18, 2010
Ghost are to some the product of your imagination and to other an entity that was alive at one point but didn't cross to the other side when they died .

Tought to be the spirits of the dead and some other malign forces that plays tricks on humans or sometimes convey messages to mediums from the other side of the grave .

Some of them wanting to finish an unfinished buisness when they where alive .

Some ghosts are tought to act for different purposes as :
Breaking objects or flickering lights , those are called poltergheist .
Conveing messages , those are called apparitions and sometimes E.V.P..
Some wnats to show their presences , those are sometimes called shadow ghosts , sometimes , orbs , apparitions .

Ghost are known in many cultures , bearing different names .
Sometimes called poltergheist , ghost , spook , phantom , specter , wraith ,apparition , cul-de-jatte , banshee , kyonchi , spirit , phantasm , possesor and such
A ghost is immaterial .

There are many kind of ghosts .
by P.A. 037 February 05, 2010
v. to follow or trail, while attempting to remain undetected. usually refers to following a vehicle.
"I'ma ghost that mofo, find out where he live!"
by jim June 24, 2003
Ghosts are these creepy things that be staring at you when you be sleeping. They come out at night and have a party in your room. During the day, they be chilling in dark places such as your closet and under your bed. They like to freak you out by making noises.
Casper is a ghost...a friendly one.
by Thuglyfe-Eskimo. July 02, 2012