A person from you past that means something to you. Like an ex boyfriend, past hook up, someone you liked. Usually relate it to when you hook up with them and you're telling your friend I ghosted last night or I saw a ghost last night.
I ghosted last night.

I saw a ghost last night.
by LexAgo January 07, 2010
a nic you use on a message board that is different from the nic you usually use.
Your main nic is RudyKnowsBest but sometimes you post as NickDaGhost
by survivorsucks May 24, 2009
imaginary characters created by psychotic humans seeking attention and fame
I saw a ghost last night appear next to the bed!
by Kyle Webs May 15, 2011
When you smoke out of a bowl that is not packed and is filled with resin. You are smoking the ghost of the weed that was once there. It is simply known as smoking ghost.
I'm all out of weed but we can smoke some ghost.
by intrueglory July 18, 2010
A species / Genus of Spiders. Some are poisonous some are not.
Ghost spider species example are as follows:

Hibana Incursa

Does not have camouflage capability(does not change color)

Hybana Hybrid
this insect has wings
it has Camouflage ability (changes color in defense mode)
it is found in the United States, Africa, Asia, Caribbean, and Brazil
by PHD Entomologist July 08, 2013
Ghosts are these creepy things that be staring at you when you be sleeping. They come out at night and have a party in your room. During the day, they be chilling in dark places such as your closet and under your bed. They like to freak you out by making noises.
Casper is a ghost...a friendly one.
by Thuglyfe-Eskimo. July 02, 2012
v. The act of leaving a place rapidly trying not to leave a trace
Man the cops are here! We gotta ghost!
by Jklub! August 11, 2011

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