a word meaning gay but in a whiney loud voice.
Your so gheeyyyyyy. Greg and Chris are being so ghey.
by gheyyy69 December 29, 2009
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It's the way you say "hey" to a lame dude in an e-mail or chat. Often abbreviated as "gh". Sometimes an 'r' is added for "ghrey".

LameGuy: Hey man
You: Ghey

LameGuy: Hey man
You: gh
by Drew-bro August 02, 2006
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Better Way To Say Gay
Girl One: Wow. Thats Gay
Girl Two: No. Thats Ghey!
-High Five-
by Shaylee. Please January 08, 2008
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unlike all these other ones, our GHEY is an offensive alternative to gay. It pretty much means the same thing, just a little differant. can be used at all times and is associated with the phrase "you dunno how i be"... GHEY
Jamie Buis is really GHEY
by k-spice December 01, 2006
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A term that can be used to describe an individual or event that can also be considered as being a "lamo".
Joseph Majewski is ghey.
by TercelLJ March 22, 2008
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The proper and "unrude" way to say YOU'RE A FUCKING FLAMER!
You're Ghey...

That's ghey
by FAGHAG3000 August 04, 2008
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