A word used to describe something really shit and stupid or a homosexual (fags) It is an ancient word used by men to increase their masculine heterosexuality when chanted it will make you hate teh cock.
"school is ghey"

"religion is ghey"

"dude that guy totally wants your cock, you need to shout ghey at that ghey"
by the-real-don August 20, 2009
If you want to be politically correct and not say "Gay" in a derogatory way.
Used in chatting and texting.
Girl 1: I wanted to buy this really cute dress, but I couldn't find it in my size!

Girl 2. Gah. That is so ghey!!!
by Zeea Darling February 08, 2009
Better Way To Say Gay
Girl One: Wow. Thats Gay
Girl Two: No. Thats Ghey!
-High Five-
by Shaylee. Please January 08, 2008
The proper and "unrude" way to say YOU'RE A FUCKING FLAMER!
You're Ghey...

That's ghey
by FAGHAG3000 August 04, 2008
Gay= gayer than gay. Your so gay you are gayer than gay you are really "GHEY".
You are so gay you are "GHEY" Your a massive gheyer and full of faggotry.
by swine fever April 28, 2009
An extreme version of GAY. This is the pinicacle of flaming wrist snapping fabulous.
That guy wearing the hand stiched daisy dukes and the silk blouse is definatly GHEY.
by Jon Sanchez July 13, 2006
unlike all these other ones, our GHEY is an offensive alternative to gay. It pretty much means the same thing, just a little differant. can be used at all times and is associated with the phrase "you dunno how i be"... GHEY
Jamie Buis is really GHEY
by k-spice December 01, 2006

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