The word 'ghey' has evolved from the word 'gay' which was originally defined as "Showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry.". Many years later, it's definition involved that of homosexulaity.

However, some homosexuals seem to find the word 'ghey' offensive when in actual fact the word it is based on, gay, was not originally defined for them. Why aren't 'cheery and lighthearted' people offended?
ghey is not neccesarily homosexual
by troika_ness November 14, 2005
n. v. Pronounced "gay." Used when someone is acting like a total fag, but only figuratively.
Spencer: "Hey Eric, do you want to go to Books-A-Million?"
Eric: "Fuck no, that's ghey, you fucking ghey!"

As opposed to when it is used in the literal sense.
Spencer: "Hey Eric, Raj and I are going to go have anal sex and cum all over each others' balls, do you want to join in?"
Eric: "Fuck no, that's gay, you fucking gay!"
by Eric Houser October 29, 2006
A chatters synomyn for gay. Often used derogatorily to defame a person, thing, or event. Of or like a Homosexual.
That show was ghey. Jason is ghey.
by Peter Smith October 03, 2002
An adjective used to describe a male who tries to act straight but exhibits homosexual and effeminate traits in speech, gestures, posture, etc.
Did you notice how Ruggbutt slurs his S's when on comms? I think he's ghey.


The team CDN was branded as being ghey for wearing little pink speedos to the match.
by Splitz June 22, 2006
The words Gay and Ghetto put together. Used to describe something that is lame, not working, or just dumb.
Person 1: MySpace is ghey
Person 2. I know, what's up with all of those errors?
by feverrrr August 27, 2006
An insult. A word used to describe anything that is seen as stupid;

eg: homosexuals, monkeys, franklins, etc...

(oral)Can also be followed "with an h" when spelling is not known.
-That gay is ghey

-That damned monkey is well ghey

-Franklin(crappy shoe) is ghey

-Well that was ghey with an 'h'
by Anonymous June 27, 2003
Unusual and in bad taste, slightly homosexual not to be done by real men
Guild wars is Ghey or im not wearing cords they are ghey
by Paul cutts January 08, 2006
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