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The definition of Awesome! aka South African man who is always right and has a large intellect. His pronunciation is superior to all others.
Person 1: I need to per-chase these things
Person 2: Oh, you're such a Charl
by bluebabendedabenda March 15, 2011
A man who is quite simply perfect.

Often prone to suffer from fatigue.
Oh, I need to find myself a Charl
by Irish lady January 21, 2009
A humble guy who is gifted at pulling chicks.
What a 'Charl'
by Melissa September 01, 2003
The most badass name on a cat ever, mainly because it's the name of Smooth Mcgroove's cat.
While wathing Gerudo Valley acapella:

"I buttered it up, up. I buttered it up, up. I buttered it up, up. (cat appearing) Hey Charl. I buttered it up, up. I buttered it up, up. I buttered it up, up."
by WhyBother January 19, 2014
A Chunker.
Look at Charl shes such a chunker!
by Who do you think!?! June 22, 2011
CHARL is a future band, which will be a huge hit, and they will have loads of merchendise, TV Programmes, books, DVDs, videogames and more!

CHARL stands for the names of it's members:


And you can follow them on Facebook!
Guess what?
You're doing something totally uncool and retarded, like you do?
NO! I'm going to see CHARL! :D
by WobbyFour January 07, 2011
Yummy hot guy from Europe. Sweet natural charmer who doesn’t have to even try ;-)
Hombre atractivo de Niza - consiguió ser Charl
by Larissa September 09, 2003