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n. A turd covered or injected with semen. Deived from the words shit, poop, and splooge. Most often left on doorsteps of horny congressmen or chunked at nice cars.
Goddamnit, Spencer, I'm not going to make you a schploop so you can rub it all over your naked body! Stop asking me, you ghey jafucker!
by Eric Houser October 29, 2006
n. v. Pronounced "gay." Used when someone is acting like a total fag, but only figuratively.
Spencer: "Hey Eric, do you want to go to Books-A-Million?"
Eric: "Fuck no, that's ghey, you fucking ghey!"

As opposed to when it is used in the literal sense.
Spencer: "Hey Eric, Raj and I are going to go have anal sex and cum all over each others' balls, do you want to join in?"
Eric: "Fuck no, that's gay, you fucking gay!"
by Eric Houser October 29, 2006
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