Colloquial term originally created by the students of St. Leonard’s College to condescend Chumma (a person who is clearly ghey). It developed new meaning amongst peers and can now be used as both a playful compliment (which can sometimes cause confusion amongst people who are unaware of its meaning or when not used in the correct tone) and a derogatory description of an event, person or object. It is pronounced differently to ‘gay’, similar to the first sound bite (it does not rhyme with day). It has no homosexual connotations and its derogatory nature implies more that something is lame, stupid, unjust or just plain ‘ghey’.

One day it will be in the dictionary between ghetto blaster and Ghiberti where it rightly belongs, as it is somewhere between gangstaness and culture.
* "Ya ghey"
* Amy and Loz exclaim cheerily and in high-pitch "Ya ghey!" Lucy sarcastically replies "you guys are so ghey"
*Chumma's foolish acts of throwing eggs in Southland (a shopping centre) make it clear that he is truly ghey, and not in the complimentary sense
by Luchang October 28, 2005
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a derivation of gay meaning lame. meant to be non-offensive to individuals of a homosexual persuasion.
"That coffee cup is broken. How ghey."
by mad nasty sarah April 17, 2005
It means the same as "gay." This term began as a way to get around videogame servers and other profanity filters. Gay is blocked, but "ghey" is just fine.
that movie was ghey

you are ghey
by DigitalLion April 13, 2006
a way to take the guilt out of offending homosexuals by calling something unfavorable gay.

since verbally, the new spelling is virtually unnoticeable, this rationale is rendered a waste of time, but as mentioned, it serves its purpose in the mind of the homophobe-in-denial.
"that album was GAY as hell... no offense, (homosexual bystander), i don't mean it in a bad way" ...

i hope he thinks i said "ghey" instead of "gay", so he won't take me for the idiot i am, since i can't think up a better adjective to put in place of "bad"
by ghey is ghey October 09, 2006
postmodern redevelopment of the word "gay" - it now implies all the formerly offensive stereotypes of uselessness / weakness then associated with effeminate homosexual men in 1970's sitcoms, whilst carrying with it no actual implied sexuality connotations.
My computer is being ghey.

by Lady Jane January 17, 2007
An alternative way to type gay. It has, after all, the same pronounciation. Commonly found wherever "l33tsp33kers" are found as an attempt to replace gay with something else.

Note that this word was used in "Retarded Animal Babies #10" on
*puppy from R.A.B.*
"Uhh. Gay."
by Death By Zobb December 13, 2004
Quite possibly the stupidest word ever created by modern hipsters.
On the scale of stupid made-up words, ghey is right up there with pwned and teh
by HelloChild August 01, 2006
A different spelling of "gay" that some idiots thought up and pretend that it's less derogatory to homosexuals. When in fact, they are wrong. Changing the spelling of a slur doesn't make it any less offensive. Just like spelling the n-word as "kniggar" doesn't make it less of a racial slur.
Only idiots use the word ghey.
by A very smart person. June 17, 2003

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