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A controversial game played like Monopoly. Pieces include a marijuanna leaf, a basketball, and a malt liquor bottle, and game cards that say things like, "You got yo whole neighborhood addicted to crack. Collect $50.”

Created by David Chang.
"I'm bored. Wanna play Ghettopoly?"
by Brain October 26, 2003
Spoof of board game Monopoly, but set in the ghetto. Cards include, 'you got your whole neighborhood addicted to crack. Collect $50.' And things like that. Highly offensive to the black community.
Ghettopoly has got a bunch of people in a fit.
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
2 meanings... having total control of the ghetto, or it could be refering to the board game (
That right there is a ghettopoly.

I just played ghettopoly with my homiez
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
The ghetto version of Monopoly...
Yo man yesterday we were playing some ghettopoly and bob won!
by toadster123 October 25, 2003
A harmless little game that every mother in the United States who watches the 6-oclock news will suddenly be up in arms about, telling her son that he can't have that game as she turns tricks for coke.
Billy, I just saw on the news that this game is not good for you, its called ghettopoly. Ok, now you go listen to the Creed CD I bought you while Fernando and I have a little private time.
by aaaaaaaaaandy October 23, 2003
1. The situation in which a person or persons controls the entire market share of ghetto.

2. A game where small tin symbolic objects (syringe, bandana, pistol) are moved around a board featuring the world's finest ghettos.

3. The glue that sticks the boy to the hood
Fancy a game of ghettopoly?

Aw man, that Chris has the ghettopoly in this town...

Hang on, my hood's slipping. I need to reapply my ghettopoly
by TheIan October 23, 2003
A board game where, instead of buying property in London, you buy property in the ghetto areas of America. Some of the pieces you can use include a shopping trolley, a brick and a man with a knife.
Dang, boy! Let's play some ghettopoly, fo' sho'!
by Tim XYZ October 24, 2003
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