anyone who follows the example of the one and only chima.

must say quad, say everything is racist, have people pity the fact you are black, and point out jews.
chima, the epitome of ghetto
by lolwootwoot43210 February 05, 2011
simply, a kickass way of life.
I went to KC Chicken in my ghetto car and ate some ghetto chicken while wearing my ghetto clothes and my ghetto shoes because thats just the way I am: GHETTO
by NDCLCheerios July 20, 2010
a punk ass word remade by nigger in the hood who think they tough but they all whack ass wanksters.
yo nigga, yo ass is mad ghetto
by tatomuck1 October 11, 2009
1. Where black people grow up
I live in the shit ghetto.
by Yourskankyassmoma September 20, 2009
Ghetto is derived from parents naming their children something like "Dolly"
You can walk through the ghetto and know peoples names without asking them:

by Drock;; May 12, 2009
something that is bad, not cool
ugh, that class was so ghetto
by HollyHumpsAlot July 11, 2008
south Central Los Angeles
west and south Chicago
Flint, MI
Gary, IN
Washington, DC
New Orleans
south Phoenix
Oakland, CA
El Paso
Camden, NJ
Providence, RI
Buffalo, NY
St. Louis

in other words, BLACK
Ghetto is the black equivalent of whitetrash.
by krock1dk August 04, 2007

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