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an INCREDIBLE political punk band formed in New York in the 1970's, by David "Insurgent" Rubinstein and Paul Bakija. They were Anarchist peace-punk whose songs often contained ironic and satirical messages regarding government and society. Reagan Youth broke up in the late 80's, after tension from touring and drug abuse... the break up was made official when Ronald Reagan left the White House. Thought they only released one album during the time they were a band, their influence on punk is undeniable.

in 1993 after many years of battling drug addiction and the sudden loss of his mother to a car accident and girlfriend to notorious serial killer Joel Rifkin, David Insurgent committed suicide.
Reagan Youth had a tremendious influence on punk rock.
by Ümbra August 14, 2004
the pathetic pre-pubescent mustache with only a few hairs. This look is typically sported by white trash, lazy stoner high schoolers (or anyone too lazy to shave), kids trying to impress girls with their peach fuzz and OF COURSE, child molesters.

see: crustache; peach fuzz
Dude, nice molester mustache... ever heard of shaving?
by Ümbra May 25, 2004
The sort if scraggly, unkempt facial hair you get if you neglect shaving for a week or so. typically too short to be considered a legitimate beard, this may or may not include a molester mustache.
When Chris got back from vacation he had the sickest rapest beard.
by Ümbra May 25, 2004
a Clockie is a person who is devoted to the book/movie A Clockwork Orange, people who dress like Alex and his droogs, speak in Nadsat, and perform the actions portrayed in the movie.
1. the members of the punk band The Adicts are all clockies

2. after the release of the film "A Clockwork Orange" there was an explosion of violent Clockies in England, which contributed to the book and film being banned.
by Ümbra August 14, 2004
a physical deformity in which the size of the wrist and the size of the hand have little or no differance, making it seem as if fingers sprouted directly out of one's wrist. this condition is believed to be a result of chronic masturbation. (or just being fat)
Jim Ellis has the worst hand-wrists ever.
by Ümbra May 26, 2004
a term for the hole in the side of a bowl used to fill the pipe with smoke.

synonymous with carb
bob was looking to buy a pipe, but did not because none of them had a rush
by Ümbra July 19, 2004
an extremely offensive and insulting term used on anyone acting like an idiot. this term is so insulting that the only proper response would be a swift two finger surprise.

origin: unknown; but entirely unrelated to the aviation term.
Pando stop being such a fuckin whifferdil.
by Ümbra May 26, 2004
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