A drug that can cause a pleasant euphoria, lessen anxiety and in higher doses, cause one to sleep. It would be all too easy for the uninformed to call this a daterape drug, when subjectively alcohol has been used for quite some time to intoxicate girls enough to be raped. For some unfortunate women though, they have been raped on GHB. GHB is still prescribed in france for anxiety and has a long history of medical use. GHB is always bonded to a salt, for example Sodium (Na) or pottasium (K), Na-GHB, K-GHB, some belive the K-GHB to be healthier as high doses of sodium are said to deplete pottasium levels. GHB is usually made from Lye and GBL. For further help or questions IRC to #ghb on EFnet, or check out Erowid, stay safe, stay informed.
GHB is a GABA inhibitor which can cause many diffrent effects, dependant on dose.
by dannux April 30, 2006
Top Definition
GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) is a naturally occurring component of human cells. It is used most commonly in the form of a chemical salt (Na-GHB or K-GHB) which is taken recreationally as a depressant with effects quite similar to those of alcohol. These salts are powders but are most often mixed with water for recreational use. While GHB is most notorious for a few cases where it has been given to unsuspecting individuals, it is more commonly used as a recreational intoxicant like alcohol, as a sleep-aid, or as a supplement by body-builders.

One of the major concerns with GHB is that the recreational dosage range is narrow and even small overdoses can cause temporary unrousable unconsciousness (a type of coma) and large overdoses (poisonings) can be life-threatening. There are two other chemicals which are used as GHB equivalents: 1,4-butanediol and gamma butyrlactone.
I drank some ghb last nite an i was fucked slap up.
by Eckstahsee December 18, 2003
stands for get her bucked!!
northern irish slang lyk
guy: aye deanzo what u doin tonite
other guy: takin my munter out lyk?
guy:eyeoo get her bucked (GHB)
by X53S June 25, 2009
Norther Irish slang. Short for "Get Her Bucked" . . . aka have sex with
Lad 1: "Check out that slamming hottie over there!"

Lad 2: "I know yeh, G.H.B
by kit0691 March 02, 2011
n. A common date-rape drug that can be slipped into a drink which usually leads to *G*etting *H*ot *B*itches
by 40oz April 04, 2003
Go Home bitch

A term used for when you want someone leave due to annoyance or you just dont like them.

Aimed at celebs,"friends",haters,fools,bitchs..
Stop talking over me and GHB
Why is she here? someone tell her to GHB
can kanye west stop interruping and GHB
you need to GHB
by UberYazu May 29, 2011
Commonly used abbriviation in Belfast, and the 'Duff'.. meaning 'get her bucked'. This is what we like to say to a girl that is 'great' or 'sexy'.

Also a term used meaning 'get him banged', this would usually be said to some cunt.
Mark & Ross were sauntering 'round town and saw a hot girl, they shouted "GHB GHB.. get her bucked! Eyeooooo!!!"

Later that day they seen a ginger cunt, and laughed at his funny coloured hair, the ginger cunt started to slabber at the two, so they shouted "GHB" this time meaning 'get him banged'
by Anita Go-Fradump November 07, 2007

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