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A drug that can cause a pleasant euphoria, lessen anxiety and in higher doses, cause one to sleep. It would be all too easy for the uninformed to call this a daterape drug, when subjectively alcohol has been used for quite some time to intoxicate girls enough to be raped. For some unfortunate women though, they have been raped on GHB. GHB is still prescribed in france for anxiety and has a long history of medical use. GHB is always bonded to a salt, for example Sodium (Na) or pottasium (K), Na-GHB, K-GHB, some belive the K-GHB to be healthier as high doses of sodium are said to deplete pottasium levels. GHB is usually made from Lye and GBL. For further help or questions IRC to #ghb on EFnet, or check out Erowid, stay safe, stay informed.
GHB is a GABA inhibitor which can cause many diffrent effects, dependant on dose.
by dannux April 30, 2006
laugh out quiet as coined by the acronym master webring, presumably one would laugh out quiet when you dont want other people to notice it too much on irc..:
<Webring^> loq
<Webring^> which is laugh out quiet btw
<Webring_> your clown ass gonna be laughed at all over the net
<dannux> loq
by dannux February 07, 2005
see english
<dannux> Where are you from?
<Marzia> i am ghay
<dannux> filthy dirty whore.
<Marzia> i wish i could be scottish
<dannux> maybe you could ask your mother to abort
by dannux December 11, 2003

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