Commonly used abbriviation in Belfast, and the 'Duff'.. meaning 'get her bucked'. This is what we like to say to a girl that is 'great' or 'sexy'.

Also a term used meaning 'get him banged', this would usually be said to some cunt.
Mark & Ross were sauntering 'round town and saw a hot girl, they shouted "GHB GHB.. get her bucked! Eyeooooo!!!"

Later that day they seen a ginger cunt, and laughed at his funny coloured hair, the ginger cunt started to slabber at the two, so they shouted "GHB" this time meaning 'get him banged'
by Anita Go-Fradump November 07, 2007
Slang that was developed while two friends were smoking. Its meaning is not completely known, but it can be used to say hello, at 42O, or as a way to show that you are being truthful.
"Do you swear you didn't smoke that roach?"
"ghb bb"
by Dickali September 06, 2009
aka GBH, are rave drug used in the same way ecstasy is but in liquid form.


easy causes overdose.
jim took some GHB and now his in the hospital.
by nikie June 28, 2005
Typed lingo, an acronym mean Go Home Bitch. Often used in conjunction with an ass-whooping or some virtual victory.
you got pwned!, GHB!
by Aaron C. September 26, 2006
a crazy date rape drug that we were told to stay away from by our health teacher
here is my GHB but in your drink so you'll sleep with me
by olivia and mg May 29, 2006
date rape drug
by fart knocker April 24, 2003
Date Rape drug used by sick sad individuals.
by Anonymous July 30, 2003

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